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Agronomy Services

Roots, underground, but critical for success

Good root development lays the foundation for a good harvest. The yield expectation starts with the seed. Seed is the final result of a lengthy, expensive breeding and production programme. The seed contains the yield potential as well as certain attributes that will make the most of the the climatic and soil conditions. Root development can have an important impact on the yield potential of the crop. When looking at a field of maize, the general appearance, plant population and the colour of the crop will impress the most. However, few people are aware that what is visible is actually a manifestation of what is happening in the soil. Aspects important for optimum root development are soil temperature, moisture content, a balanced nutrient status and absence of any compacted layers (the latter is especially important in the case of soils with low clay content). A grain producer can manage and correct many of these aspects to encourage optimal root penetration and distribution to enhance uptake of water and nutrients.

Come and hear how we can optimise production.

Technology Services

Have you met the free-for-download PANNAR® Sprout mobile app?

The PANNAR® Sprout mobile app puts farming at your fingertips. Once downloaded, the application will function offline – perfect for using when out in the field. What’s more, the app continuously evolves in response to our farmers’ needs – there’s always something new and useful in the pipeline to simplify your farming operations even more. It’s a must-have for all grain crop farmers.

Available free-for-download from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

What’s on offer?

  • Yield Estimates
  • Best Cultivar Match
  • Maize Hybrid Comparison
  • Maize Plant Population
  • SAFEX Prices
  • Replant Calculators
  • Unit Converter
  • Currency Converter
  • Disease Identification Tool (Coming Soon)

We will run you through the mobile application’s user-friendly features and afford you the opportunity to test the tools out for yourself. We will also showcase our useful website content and invite you to join our active and vibrant online Social Media community.

It’s never been easier to leverage online technology in your farming operation!

Multi-crop Expertise

No two farms are ever alike. That’s why we have adopted a whole farm approach. Whatever your crop mix or farming practices, we have the right product combination for you.

We offer a broad portfolio of crops and a wide selection of cultivars within each crop range, giving you peace of mind in knowing that all of your crops come from a single, trustworthy source that delivers results, season after season.

Come find out more about our exceptional products and crop packages during our crop talks and tours and chat to us about your unique requirements at one of our Extravaganza days!


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