Africa is not just a place; it’s a feeling. Being an African company, PANNAR shares your love for this continent and your respect for its demanding conditions. We combine our local experience and understanding with the best innovations available through our international relationships, to bring farmers in Africa elegant, but practical farming solutions.


No two farms are ever alike. That’s why PANNAR has adopted a whole-farm approach. Whatever your crop mix or farming practices,we have the right product combination for you. PANNAR offers a broad portfolio of crops and a selection of cultivars within each crop range, giving you peace of mind in knowing that all of your crops come from a single, trustworthy source that delivers results, season after season.


The irrigation wheat cultivars PAN 3400, PAN 3471 and PAN 3497 offer great success in commercial plantings, with good disease tolerance and grading characteristics. A winning combination of dryland and irrigation cultivars is a good choice.


We help you to achieve the high yields to sustain a thriving farming operation. Our white hybrid package is a sure bet for good risk management and optimal yields. We’re committed to your success.

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We are proud to support our farmers, dedicated to sustaining your success across the whole farm. Leveraging 50 years of agricultural research, we bring you the broadest seed portfolio in Africa and the deepest knowledge of how to plant in different conditions.

Whatever crops you grow, however nature challenges you, we can supply the right cultivars for your fields. We are here on the ground to provide hard-working farmers with the seeds and advice you need to ensure a healthy harvest.

With us, you can manage the risks that surround you, optimise your yield and plan for prosperity. You can look forward to your farm flourishing for generations to come, while you do your part in feeding the nation.

Despite the rains that have fallen since January and brought much needed relief in many areas, we are acutely aware that there are many farmers still battling the devastating drought in other areas.

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