Pannar Rolls Out New Product Line-Up28 February 2020

By Christin Hunter, Marketing Communications Manager

At Pannar Seed, we are proud to help farmers feed South Africa daily. We are committed to the continued success of our customers. As a multi-crop specialist, Pannar offers a broad crop portfolio characterised by good yield potential, adaptability and stability which minimises the risk in crop production. The formidable Pannar crop package has been enhanced with several new improved cultivars introduced at Pannar's Extravaganza series that was held throughout February and March across the summer rainfall maize production area. These events gave farmers the opportunity to see the new products first hand and interact with the company's experts and executives on a personal level.


The Pannar white hybrid package is characterised by good performance, adaptability and stability for good risk management. The white package offers exciting new top hybrids for the coming season. In the ultra early growth class, PAN 3R-573R is a new addition for the high-potential eastern production region as well as for growing under irrigation. In the dryland western areas, PAN 5R-891BR (containing the second-generation stalk borer protection trait (MON89034) and PAN 6R-779BR are two new exciting white hybrids.

PAN 3R-573R exhibits a typical ultra early plant type and characteristics with an upright growth habit, upright leaf and good standability. PAN 3R-573R tends to be prolific and produces a high ratio of grain to stover. It is well adapted to high plant populations with good general disease tolerance and good grain quality. A good choice for irrigation and recommended under high potential dryland conditions. In areas where high levels of NCLB are encountered, the YieldBoost® fungicide spray programme is recommended to curb the disease and protect the yield potential.

PAN 5R-891BR and PAN 5B-491B are medium early hybrids with the advantage of second-generation stalk borer protection. They are highly prolific, widely adapted and maintain very good stable performance at different yield potential levels. They are recommended as the main planting for the western production regions. PAN 5R-891BR and PAN 5B-491B deliver very good performance on high potential soils in the western production areas with a clay content of <10% in the topsoil. PAN 5B-491B is the top performer in the ARC trials on the water table soils for the 2018/2019 season. This platform demonstrates strong seedling vigour that is advantageous to establish a good plant population.

PAN 6R-779BR fits into the medium growth class and has very good yield stability. It is a good choice for the high potential soils. PAN 6R-779BR tends to produce a single flex-ear, that can compensate for optimum production conditions. With its upright leaves, it is recommended at a plant population 10-20% higher than is normally planted in the area. It is well adapted for the high yield potential soils of the western production region. This hybrid has excellent standability and exhibits good tolerance to Northern Corn Leaf Blight.


The impressive yellow maize package of ultra early, early, medium early and medium hybrids offers a good long-term risk mitigating strategy. The early package has been reinforced with a new exceptional genetic platform, PAN 4A-128, offering a substantial yield increase with glyphosate tolerant and stacked gene options, PAN 4R-528R and PAN 4R-728BR. The package also sees the introduction of PAN 4R-672R, PAN 4B-472B and PAN 4R-872BR the glyphosate tolerant, stalk borer resistant and stacked gene options on the PAN 4A-172 platform that boasts excellent yield potential, particularly in the eastern production areas as well as excellent stability, strong vigour, good standability and good rust tolerance. PAN 5R-890BR, the stacked gene option in the PAN 5R-590R stable is also a new entry with wide adaptation and stable performance. Lastly, the season’s new introductions are rounded out with PAN 5R-582R the glyphosate tolerant option on the PAN 5A-182 platform that shows consistent top-end performance at all yield potentials and environments.   

PAN 4R-528R and PAN 4R-728BR are early growth class hybrids with excellent yield potential and are highly recommended by Pannar’s agronomists for the eastern production regions. They are the first choice for the main planting for the high potential fields where they will be afforded the opportunity to reach their full potential.  This platform is agronomically well balanced with good standability and handles higher plant populations very comfortably. They have good tolerance to Brown Rust, show strong vigour and produce grain with excellent test weight.

PAN 4B-472B, PAN 4R-672R and PAN 4R-872BR are early hybrids with and excellent yield potential. They fit into the PAN 4A-172 platform and are very well adapted to the eastern production areas, especially the eastern Free State. They are also a good choice as silage hybrids for eastern production regions. They are agronomically well balanced with low cob placement. These hybrids have excellent early vigour and good standability. A very healthy plant with good general disease tolerance, especially to Diplodia and Brown Rust. In areas where high levels of NCLB are encountered, the YieldBoost® fungicide spray programme is recommended to curb the disease and protect the yield potential.

PAN 5R-890BR is a medium early hybrid similar to PAN 5R-590R. It is well adapted to the eastern production regions and a good choice for grain or silage production. This hybrid has excellent early vigour, tends to produce a single cob and has good standability. A very healthy plant with good general disease tolerance especially to Diplodia and Brown Rust.

PAN 5R-582R in the medium early growth class is the stablemate of the well-known PAN 5A-182 which maintains consistent top-end performance at all yield potentials and environments. This platform is very reliable and stable and well adapted to all production regions. Yield leaders in the eastern Highveld. This platform is recommended as the cornerstone of any yellow hybrid package. It is widely adapted and produces excellent quality flinty grain with good bushel weight and a golden yellow colour, very popular with merchants. It has excellent general disease tolerance.


Pannar has access to the very best commercial soybean cultivars, either locally bred or accessed from around the world. Pannar’s policy is to release the best varieties possible into the South African market, regardless of where they originate. You can always be certain that if a cultivar appears in our cultivar range, it has already been thoroughly tested by the most comprehensive evaluation programme in the country. Pannar offers a full range of maturity classes that will cover almost all planting date/production area combinations.   

PAN 1555R is a 5.7 maturity cultivar with high yield potential and good stability across all production areas and seasons. An excellent teammate for PAN 1521R, which has exceptional stability and is well adapted to all production areas. PAN 1555R can withstand suboptimal conditions better than most and should be in your cultivar package particularly where you expect tough soil or climate conditions.

PAN 1663R is a 6.0 maturity cultivar with immaculate agronomics and is very well suited for high potential/high yield conditions. It is adapted to all production areas and replaces PAN 1623R.

PAN 1644R is a new yield leader with a 6.7 maturity. If you used to plant PAN 1623R, you need to try PAN 1644R. It has very similar attributes to PAN 1623R but has some improved features that make it even more versatile. It produces a strong, robust plant with good standability that quickly closes the canopy. It is a good choice for all temperate production areas and well suited to grow under irrigation. The strong root system of the cultivar makes it very suitable for the water table soils of the western production region.

PAN 1653R is similar to PAN 737R and a 6.7 maturity cultivar. It has a narrow leaf shape which permits better light penetration into the canopy. This variety has a short plant stature with good standability and wide area adaptation. Recommended for all temperate production areas.


Whilst new cultivars are slow to reach the market for a multitude of reasons, the mechanism that delivers new cultivars to your farm gate is healthy. When seasonal fluctuations are removed, our data shows that yield improvement in our sugar bean programme is 130kg per hectare per year, calculated over ten seasons at Delmas. Embrace Pannar’s dry bean cultivars; they are the sharpest arrow in our multi-crop quiver.     

PAN 9141 is a new exiting white canning bean with a restricted release while factory-scale canning tests are conducted. Preliminary results are very promising. Has similar agronomic qualities to PAN 123. PAN 123 is currently the most popular small white canning bean on the South African market. PAN 9141 has improved Anthracnose tolerance compared to PAN 123 and has been selected to have a more uniform grain size, to improve canning grade.

PAN 9213 is destined to become the most popular red speckled bean in the Pannar package.  It is the best all-round performer in the Pannar stable and delivers consistently better yield performance than the stalwart PAN 148 in all production areas and is a good replacement for it. This is a widely adapted red speckled bean that can be planted with confidence. 


Pannar's wheat package has made a major contribution to local wheat production. The breeding programme focuses on improving the yield potential of wheat production in South Africa and the package of spring type cultivars have earned a reputation as very reliable high yield potential stalwarts. The spring type wheat irrigation package consists of three growth classes, namely a medium late cultivar, PAN 3497; a medium cultivar PAN 3541 (which replaced PAN 3471 that was a very good cultivar in its own right) and a medium early cultivar, PAN 3644 that will replace PAN 3400 in the future.

PAN 3541 is Pannar's new generation cultivar in the medium growth class. PAN 3541 sets a new standard for yield in this growth class which will ensure that the cultivar becomes the new Pannar flagship. PAN 3541 has good straw strength, standability and tolerance against the prevailing Stripe and Leaf rust pathotypes.

PAN 3644 is a top performing spring type cultivar in the medium to early growing period class. It is a good choice for planting at medium to late planting dates and replaces the current PAN 3400. Its shorter straw makes PAN 3644 suitable for higher seeding rates as required by later planting dates to compensate for the reduced stooling capacity as temperatures rise later in the season. Irrespective of its growing period, PAN 3644 competes favourably yield-wise.  PAN 3644 has good yellow rust tolerance and is moderately susceptible to leaf rust with a further medium to good tolerance to stem rust. 

Pannar’s range of various crops and broad selection of cultivars within each crop enable our sales and agronomy teams to recommend exactly the right product to meet farmer’s unique needs across almost all planting date and production area combinations. When these exceptional products are paired with our expertise in local production conditions and exceptional agronomic support, Pannar’s farmers are well poised for success.

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