Ready to plant PAN 1521R soybeans!27 October 2022

Jannie van der Meulen, from the Ermelo district, is ready to plant PAN 1521R soybeans. "Pannar has an excellent range of soybean cultivars with a full range of maturity groups that meets almost all planting dates, plant population and production area needs", says Joe Payne, Pannar's regional manager of the eastern Highveld. PAN 1521R (MG 5.7) has unmatched yield stability across different yield potential levels, production areas and seasons.

Pannar has a comprehensive soybean cultivar range and a few new cultivars available for the 2022 planting season:

Early maturity cultivars
PAN 1479R (Relative Maturity; MG 4.6) is a niche product suitable for late plantings or where a quick cultivar is required to stretch the harvesting period in the temperate production regions over a longer time. PAN 1532R (MG 5.3) is a stable performer with an upright plant type that is well adapted to high plant populations and narrow rows. Pannar has small volumes of two new varieties to compete in this segment. PAN 1502R (MG 5.2) and PAN 1507 (MG 5.5) will complement the long-standing PAN 1532R (MG 5.3) in this early maturity category.

Medium maturity cultivars
This market segment is well served by two well-established varieties, PAN 1521R (MG 5.7) and PAN 1555R (MG 5.9). PAN 1555R is the cultivar of choice for more problematic soil types and climate conditions. The recent addition of PAN 1588R (MG 5.9) to this formidable group adds depth and breadth to the medium maturity group. The vigorous growth habit of PAN 1588R extends its area of adaptation deep into the western production regions, despite its maturity. The latest addition to the medium maturity group is PAN 1586R (MG 5.9), which will support the group in the eastern production area.

Late maturity cultivars
This group is capably represented by PAN 1644R (MG 6.7), which has absolutely ‘shot the lights out’ everywhere it has grown.

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