PANNAR Women’s Month: In the Spotlight, Leandi Kotze28 August 2018

August is Women’s Month and to celebrate, PANNAR has featured four lovely ladies in agriculture over the past four weeks. 

Last (but certainly not least) in the PANNAR spotlight, is the stunning Leandi Kotze.

Where do you live/farm?

In the Eastern Free State, Frankfort District

What is your occupation?

Housewife, Consultant, Moderator

Did you grow up on the farm?

I found my way to the farm via love. During our first year at university, many years ago, a red-haired boerseun made my heart smile. A couple of years later my heart still smiles for this Boerseun, now as a married woman on his farm.

How are you currently involved in farming?

Currently, I am more involved in the secretarial and administrative aspects of farming. Occasionally, I visit the lambs and am involved when we process meat for private customers. This is the true farm-to-fork aspect of farming.

What do you love the most about farm life and farming?

This question is difficult to answer briefly. Endless plains and the great blue sky allow my soul to breathe. I think the stars shine the brightest on our farm. What’s more, something in me feels simultaneously excited and at peace when I witness the lambs bouncing around merrily and seedlings start to sprout. So to answer you, all the beautiful faces, the special places, the open spaces and to know that what we do here, how we spend our time and energy, makes a real contribution to society. I cannot think of another occupation where you get to live and work so close to God's creation, His love, mercy and provision. It is a great privilege.

You are a mother. How does farm life influence how you raise your children?

We are blessed with three beautiful daughters. The girls are now 4 years, 3 years and 5 months old. Farm life is an integral part of their lives. It’s the only way of life that they know and it defines their childhood. They insist on regularly “checking” on the lambs. The two older girls love the outdoors and love baking mud pies or accompanying daddy when he visits the cattle. To them, harvest time means only one thing – play time. There are few things they enjoy more than riding in the combine or playing in the mielies.

How do you perceive the role of women in agriculture?

I believe that women have a rightful place in farming that they can absolutely deliver on. A woman's intuition means that she can function on her senses and instincts. This, coupled with the necessary knowledge and experience, is a brilliant combination and can only benefit the field of farming.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

As mentioned earlier, our children are still small, so at the moment they still require a lot of my time and attention. We are currently considering home schooling for their foundation phase and as they grow older farm life and everything associated with running a farm should start to play an increasingly prominent role in their lives. When they eventually go to school, I would be able to get even more involved in our work. 

Anything else you would like to mention?

You can follow our Facebook page, Ebenhaezer Meat, or @nicolaaskotze on Instagram for a little more insight into our life here on the farm.


What is a farm without the support, understanding, encouragement and love of a woman? Nominate the special lady on your farm (OR in your agricultural business) here and stand a chance to win one of ten R500 Takealot vouchers. Hurry, competition closes 31 August 2018!

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