Pannar P3 Soybean Trial at Hoopstad14 December 2021

Here, Hannelie Tait, Pannar's representative in Hoopstad, is showcasing her P3 soybean trial that is germinating well. Success with soybeans in the western production areas of the Highveld is now commonplace – another feather in the cap for South African farmers. Sustainable production requires a commitment and dedication to what you grow and despite the difficult climatic conditions in the western parts, soybeans are playing an increasing role in farmers' long-term crop rotation strategies. A good crop rotation program is one of the essential cultivation practices that contribute to sustainable farming. Soybeans offer many benefits as a rotational crop, especially in combination with maize in the medium to high potential areas. Pannar's soybean package is versatile and should give you the best chance of success.

The Pannar brand soybean package features unmatched stability across different production regions and at different yield potential levels – it's a proven and safe choice. Pannar has access to the best commercial soybean cultivars, either locally or abroad. Pannar's policy is to release the best possible cultivars in the South African market, regardless of where they come from. What's more, if a cultivar appears in our cultivar range, you have the peace of mind that it has already been thoroughly tested by the most comprehensive evaluation program in South Africa.

Over the long term, growth classes 5 and 6 have been found to give the most stable yields and the bulk of a soybean package should be composed of these growth classes. The most popular cultivars for the western parts are in order: PAN 1521R, PAN 1644R, PAN 1555R and PAN 1653R.

Talk to Pannar's team of agronomists and representatives about Pannar's formidable soybean cultivar package.

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