Grow your Yield10 August 2020

The astute management practices of a dedicated young farmer and a high calibre performance from PAN 5R-891BR came together to achieve a good harvest of 10.4 tons per hectare. 

Mr Japie Meyer and his wife, Martinique, farm on Schietpad in the Stoffberg area, Mpumalanga. Japie grows maize, red speckled dry beans, soybeans and wheat in a rotation system. For Japie, choosing a suitable cultivar package is one of the most important and difficult management decisions a farmer makes each year. “I look at the trials of the various companies before deciding which cultivar to plant. I also rely on the good advice of my Pannar Seed representative, Mr Dawie Jacobs,” says Japie.

“Yield performance, stability and hedging your risk play an important role in cultivar selection. This is complemented by the cultivars' agronomic characteristics and disease tolerance. The cultivar must also be drought-tolerant,” says Japie.

For Japie, one of the impressive features of PAN 5R-891BR is its very strong prolificacy. "The hybrid produced two beautiful cobs and its standability is also very good. PAN 5R-891BR has strong germination and seedling emergence as well as good disease tolerance and insect resistance”.

Hybrid Characteristics:

PAN 5R-891BR is a medium early growing season hybrid with the advantage of second-generation stalk borer resistance (MON89034). It is the most prolific hybrid in Pannar’s white hybrid range. The hybrid is very well adapted to lower plant populations. It produces a robust plant with a strong root system, which in combination with its very strong prolificacy, makes the hybrid very well adapted to production conditions where rainfall is more likely to vary over seasons. It tolerates drought stress well and, with its strong prolificacy, compensates for good production conditions by producing a full second cob.

Japie planted the PAN 5R-891BR under dryland on 18 November 2019 at a plant population of 50 000 plants per hectare and a row spacing of 76 cm. At planting he applied 250 kg 3:2:1 (38,9), (48 kg N/ha, 32 kg P/ha and 16 kg K/ha) and top-dressed with 250 kg 5:0:1 (46), (96 kg N/ha and 19 kg K/ha).

At planting, Japie applied herbicide to control grasses and broadleaf weeds. He also applied an insecticide to control cutworm. He followed this up a few weeks later with a second herbicide spray to control post emergence grasses and broadleaf weeds. He included an insecticide to control stalk borer infestation, although PAN 5R-891BR has the benefit of good resistance to stalk borer. Japie started harvesting at the end of June and averaged 10.4 tons per hectare.

Good Service:

Pannar is proud to support farmers by partnering with them to maximize their profitability and growth. At Pannar we have great appreciation for our farmers who produce food for our country while making a major contribution to our economy, society and the rural communities in which they live and work. Pannar's cultivars are developed from leading, diverse sources of genetics and their excellent genetic potential will come to the fore under good management practices. Pannar's experienced agronomists and sales representatives help farmers choose the right seed and cultivating practises for their fields.

For more information, please contact Mr Dawie Jacobs, or your nearest Pannar sales representative. Email:, web:; 083 455 7969.

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