Pannar Gives You The Edge29 April 2021

Pannar’s yellow maize package consistently delivers top-end yield potential across different potential levels, production areas and seasons.

The reliable performance of Pannar’s yellow maize hybrids supports the productivity and profitability of maize production and limits the risks associated with it.

Yield performance, stability and the hybrids’ ability to compensate under good production conditions all play an important role in hybrid selection. The hybrids’ agronomic characteristics and disease risk package are also important considerations. Stability and adaptability over different seasons and production environments give a good indication of the reliability of the yield expectation to hedge your risk as effectively as possible for the benefit of the crop’s ultimate profitability. Accuracy improves significantly if hybrid selection is made on perennial trial results across different localities.

Pannar’s yellow maize package consistently delivers top-end yield potential across different yield potential levels, production areas and seasons. These stable hybrids are agronomically well adapted to South African production conditions and offer excellent hybrids for production on dryland and under irrigation. This package of ultra-early, early- and medium-growing season hybrids also offers a good long-term risk minimisation strategy. These hybrids are recommended for grain and silage production, as well as forage maize.

This season, the ultra-early PAN 3A-124 platform has been rounded off by the addition of PAN 3R-224YHR, a top performer under irrigation and on high-potential dryland conditions. This stacked gene hybrid contains Intrasect Insect Protection technology as well as Roundup Ready Maize 2 technology, thus providing glyphosate tolerance. It produces an attractive grain type
that dries down rapidly. This platform includes PAN 3A-124, PAN 3R-524R and PAN 3R-724BR and is the earliest maturing in the Pannar ultra-early range. This high-yield potential package is the leading irrigation platform on the market and a very good choice for high-input irrigation systems. PAN 3R-224YHR is also well adapted and an excellent choice for high- potential dryland production areas. It has an upright leaf growth habit and tends to produce a semi-flex ear that is advantageous under high-yield potential conditions that require high plant populations. It has excellent standability.

  • PAN 3R-800BR is a stacked gene hybrid with second-generation stalkborer and glyphosate tolerance. It is based on the PAN 3R-500R platform that boasts very good yield potential and is widely adapted. PAN 3R-800BR has an attractive plant type with good standability and ear placement. It produces goodquality semi-flint grain and has good tolerance to northern corn leaf blight.
  • PAN 4R-838BR is a medium early stacked gene hybrid with secondgeneration stalk borer protection and glyphosate tolerance. It performs well in the eastern production regions, and shows better disease tolerance than Pannar’s early yellow package. It has an upright leaf growth habit, and tends to produce single, girthy cobs with attractive deep-orange grain. It has excellent standability and shows good tolerance to diplodia cob rot.
  • PAN 5R-854BR is a medium early stacked gene version of PAN 5A-154, featuring second-generation stalk borer protection along with glyphosate tolerance. It is prolific and a very stable performer across a variety of environmental conditions in western production areas. It has an upright leaf growth habit with excellent standability. It produces attractive deep-orange coloured grain and shows good tolerance to diplodia cob rot.
  • PAN 5A-166 is a new platform in the medium-early growth class with wellbalanced agronomics. It has consistently delivered strong performance over years of testing and complements the renowned PAN 5A-182 well.

The PAN 3R-224YHR is a top performer under irrigation and high-potential dryland conditions.

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