PAN 3111 Wheat15 September 2022

In this video are Niel van Schalkwyk and Martin Maartens, Pannar's representative in Bultfontein, in Niel's beautiful wheat crop of PAN 3111. Martin reckons it is "Extremely beautiful!". The planting was done on 12 May and fertilised with 70 kg N/ha, 20 kg P/ha and 12 kg K/ha.

PAN 3111 is a true winter-type cultivar that is very well adapted to all the wheat production areas in the Free State. It has a high yield potential, short straw length, excellent standability and good Aluminium tolerance. Because of its high cold requirement, it is recommended for early plantings.

Pannar's dryland wheat package consists of true winter and intermediate wheat cultivars. In addition to PAN 3111, PAN 3161 is also a true winter type with a combination of good aluminium tolerance and Russian Wheat Aphid resistance. PAN 3161 has exceptional strong seedling vigour and is a good choice on lands with a risk of wind damage.

In the intermediate growth class, the new PAN 3373, which replaces PAN 3368, is recommended as a good choice for later plantings in all the dryland production areas of the Western and Eastern Free State. The cultivar has good yield performance and stability. Due to PAN 3373's shorter growth period, exceptional yield potential and good standability, it is also ideal for production under supplementary irrigation.

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