New Podcast Episode: Agronomic Strategies Following a Wet Season1 September 2022

In this episode of ‘We’ve Bean around the block’, host Antony Jarvie and experienced agronomist Grant Pringle, explore the prospects for the 2022/23 summer cropping season.

The agronomic strategies that should be considered are explored in a crop-agnostic fashion. The two very wet preceding seasons, which by many accounts have been largely positive for agriculture in South Africa, now lay a foundation for increased crop disease risks.

The need for rotation is discussed, as well as increasing the length of the rotation and the obligation to protect the most vulnerable crop within the rotation. Cultivar choices which emphasise yield stability are important, as is the need to prioritise disease resistance. Current disruptions to global supply chains may mean that important inputs like fungicides may not be freely available. This accentuates the need for comprehensive defensive trait packages in the cultivar choices made for the season.

Seed treatment considerations are considered, as is the need for certified or disease-free seed in crops such as dry beans.

Lastly, the call for patience at planting time is made to ensure that the soil conditions are ideal at planting. While this podcast assesses agronomic strategies for the next season, Wandile Sihlobo the highly acclaimed agricultural economist, has captured the economic drivers that have shaped the agricultural outlook for the 2022/23 season on his new podcast channel. This is well worth listening to in conjunction with this episode.

Listen to this exciting episode for free on your favourite podcast app or click here to listen to it in your browser.

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