A Proud and Loyal Pannar Customer23 September 2022

Pieter Colloty, who plants maize in the Vryheid area, is very proud of his excellent harvest from Pannar's white hybrids. This is the second year that Pieter planted Pannar's white hybrids.

He planted the white hybrids PAN 4R-511R, PAN 5R-785BR, and PAN 3R-573R with great success, and his maize performed exceptionally well throughout the growing season. With PAN 5R-785BR, which he also incidentally entered for the “Grow for Gold” yield competition, Pieter harvested 11.3 tonnes per hectare under dryland. Pieter attributes his success to his hybrid selection and good management – he made the right decisions at the right time throughout the season. Pieter is enthusiastic about what he does, which is characteristic of South Africa's successful farmers and one of the key qualities for success.

Pieter planted PAN 5R-785BR in 0.91 m rows at 46 000 plants per hectare. He fertilised with 181 kg N/ha, 32 kg P/ha and 43 kg K/ha. The fertiliser was applied at 4:3:4 (40) at planting and as Urea at about the V4 growth stage. He also applied a fungicide spray with Amistar around the V5 growth stage. His input costs amounted to approximately R14 700 per hectare, which is very conservative. With this approach, he achieved a top yield for his region, which amounted to an average of more than 11 tonnes per hectare. Pieter attributes his success with the Pannar's hybrids to, among other things, the plant population, which was correct according to recommendations.

The hybrids that Pieter planted are briefly described. PAN 4R-511R is an early white hybrid with glyphosate tolerance that is very popular in the eastern production areas, which include Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal. PAN 5R-785BR is a medium early stacked gene hybrid with second-generation stalk borer protection. It is widely adapted and delivers a stable performance – a stalwart yielder. PAN 3R-573R is an ultra early white hybrid that performs well under high potential conditions under dryland and irrigation. It is prolific and produces a high ratio of grain to stover. Pieter also planted PAN 4R-811BR and PAN 5R-891BR as a trial run, and the two hybrids impressed him a lot. Both hybrids feature second-generation stalk borer protection.

For more information, please get in touch with Pieter Colloty at 083 419 2223 or, or call Willem Janse van Rensburg, Pannar's representative, on 082 973 6671.

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