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Together we farm for the future12 June 2013

PANNAR SEED is committed to being part of the solution to the productivity challenge of feeding billions more people in Africa and elsewhere in the world over the coming decades by providing improved cultivars and technical expertise.

By 2050 Earth’s population will reach 9 billion. The majority of this growth will occur in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Simultaneously, urbanisation will continue at an accelerated pace bringing with it changes in lifestyles and consumption patterns. About 70% of the world’s population will be urban by 2050. In order to feed this larger, more urban (and richer) population, food production must increase by 70%.

More from Less: Producing more food on less land for more people

Meeting this target will not only entail bringing more land into production, but also increasing crop productivity per unit of land. In 2025 one hectare will be required to feed five people compared with 1960 when it only had to feed two.

In developing countries only 20% of the necessary production increases will come from expansion of arable land, 80% will come from increases in yields and cropping intensity through:

  • New plant varieties & high quality seed;
  • New agricultural technology and improved practices.

New plant varieties & high quality seed

New plant varieties and high quality seed are important drivers of productivity improvement. Apart from genetic enhancement through conventional plant breeding and the insertion of genetically modified traits (transgenic techniques e.g. transfer of stalk borer and glyphosate tolerance to maize and soybeans) the use of biotechnology and molecular techniques in the laboratory nowadays plays an important role in the breeding process. These techniques facilitate more efficient and accurate breeding and include techniques to compile a database of breeding material, accelerate the breeding process, identify disease resistance and exercise quality control (genetic purity). Other aspects such as strict quality control during production and packing (genetic and physical), seed treatment, crop protection, plant health and resource management all contribute significantly to meeting the growing demand for food, fibre and energy.

New agricultural technology and improved practices

PANNAR is committed to supporting farmers beyond the provision of first-class products and crop performance. We strive to deliver tailored advice and service through our team of experienced sales representatives and agronomists. PANNAR’s combination of exceptional products and innovative pre-plant seed and post-plant crop care, offers a complete risk management package for crop producers.

This research is conducted under the auspices of the PANAGRI™ practical on-farm solutions and PANACEA™ complete seed and crop health initiatives. The PANAGRI™ research focuses on all the disciplines of plant cultivation and crop production, including fertilisation, cultivar selection, optimum plant population, crop rotation, tillage and optimising the use of agrochemicals. The latter includes the research conducted under the PANACEA™ banner whereby PANNAR develops seed treatment programmes for optimum germination, plant stand and seedling protection and provides first-class advice for the identification and control of diseases, disorders and pests of plants and crops (including control of pathogens, insect pests and weeds). The YIELDBOOST™ fungicide and insecticide programmes (specifically agrochemical control of stalk borer on conventional and glyphosate tolerant hybrids) provide guidelines for outbreak prevention and control.

Fungicide spray programmes:

PANNAR developed a series of unique fungicide spray programmes under the PANACEA™ initiative. Although the primary purpose of a fungicide spray programme is the control of disease to ensure higher yields, the plants usually remain green and healthy for a longer period of time, which benefits the standability and grain quality of the crop.

The YieldBoost ™ fungicide spray programme is a cost-effective management input that can considerably increase the production efficiency of selected ultra early and medium early maize hybrids. The most effective fungicide spray programme is a combination of prescribed fungicides. Results indicate that there are significant differences between hybrid responses to various spray programmes. The disease risk profiles of certain hybrids suggest that they require two or even three treatments, depending on the seasonal conditions. Conversely, other hybrids require only one treatment or none at all.

PANNAR recommends the fungicide spray programme for all our yellow ultra early and early hybrids. A subsidy on the fungicide programme is available on a selection of ultra early hybrids. 

Stalk borer spray programme:

The YieldBoost™ insecticide strategy focuses on the non-Bt hybrids. The proactive stalk borer spray programme maximises the yield potential of specific top-performing maize hybrids. A subsidy on the stalk borer spray programme is available on a selection of conventional and Roundup Ready® yellow and white hybrids.

The stalk borer spray programme specifically targets the Lepidoptera family. The Indoxacarb insecticides are more environmentally friendly than others. Beneficial insects are not impaired and the chance of red spider mite outbreak is thus reduced. The products are registered for centre pivot, tractor and highboy sprayer application. Under normal circumstances it should provide 18 to 21 days control and under high temperatures 14 to 18 days. Best practice is to monitor moth populations and spray preventatively when moth flights peak or at the first sign of damage, or alternatively if and when 10% egg contamination is observed in the leaf sheath.

Please contact your PANNAR representative for more information about the fungi and stalk borer spray programmes. 

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