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PANNAR Rugby Week: Results, 5 July 20176 July 2017

The results of PANNAR Rugyweek's matches of 5 July were as follows:


Match Results and Commentary

1 Elsenburg vs. Potchefstroom – 34-7:

An exciting match with Potch opposing Elsenburg with good defense and attacks. Elsenburg's ingenuity and teamwork ensured that they increased their points lead to comfortably 34-7. The number 13 center Joseph Burger van Elsenburg was eye-catching in terms of attack and defense.

2 Fort Cox vs. Tsolo – 24-7:
These teams were well-matched, but Fort Cox made better use of their opportunities. There were moments when Tsolo looked like they could beat Fort Cox, but poor finishing ruined the effort. Ultimately, a very even match with Fort Cox winning 17-7.

3 Grootfontein vs. Glen – 39-15:
An even match in many respects. Glen gave Grootfontein gears in the forwards game, but Grootfontein dominated in the backline; using the width of the field better and completing their movements. Grootfoneein’s number 11 wing “Wolf” aka Adriaan Stander shone, scoring two tries.

4 Cedara vs. Taung – 22-7:
These teams played attractive rugby to end a great sporting day. Taung was the first on form putting up the first try. Cedara took a while to get going, but improved steadily throughout the first half, leading 12-7 at halftime. In the second half, Cedara retained the initiative and despite good attacks by Taung, won 22-7. Cedara's best match of the tournament with better tactics and ball skill in their than previous first two games. This outcome predicts a good final playoff in the Plate Division between Cedara and Fort Cox on Friday.

The points so far are as follows:

The final matches will take place on Friday with Elsenburg and Grootfontein competing for the prestigious IPJ du Plessis.

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