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Collaboration brings Pannar maize varieties to more farmers in Kenya21 April 2017

Pannar Seed, a DuPont seed business in Africa, recently announced the appointment of a local leading agri-input supplier, Elgon Kenya Limited, as its distributor within Kenya for its maize hybrids. Through this strategic collaboration, Elgon will distribute selected Pannar maize varieties to farmers from the beginning of the 2017 sales season.

“The collaboration with Elgon extends a long-standing relationship with DuPont and aligns with our strategy to address, through collaboration, the challenges which impact the productivity of Kenyan smallholder farmers,” said Humphrey Kiruaye, commercial head of DuPont’s seed business in Kenya.

“Elgon’s strong presence and breadth within the market will augment our footprint and address these challenges by giving Kenyan maize farmers access to seed in the market."

Elgon Kenya Limited is the largest agri-input supplier and has a vast supply chain network across Kenya. The company offers farmers a one-stop shop for agrochemicals, seeds, and fertilisers.

A call on farmers to embrace hybrid seeds

The Elgon Kenya Ltd managing director, Bimal Kantaria, called on farmers to embrace certified hybrid seeds since this is the first step towards better yields and success in farming.

“We have to adapt to changing conditions and ensure that our farmers have easier and timely access to varieties that can comfortably feed them and the nation. We are glad our collaboration with Pannar is steering this resolve forward,” Kantaria said.

Maize is a staple crop and a significant contributor to Kenya’s economic and social development, providing jobs, income, and food. The country currently has a national average maize yield of about two metric tons per hectare, which is below the yield of the US yield of 10 tons per hectare.

By adopting hybrid seed and using improved farming inputs and techniques, participating farmers will be able to achieve significant productivity gains and increase their yields two-fold or more.

Elgon Kenya is the largest agri-input supplier company in Kenya with a firm grip in other sectors such as cereals, seeds, irrigation, tea and coffee which attract the bulk of food producers in Kenya. The company has rolled out key interventions and low-cost innovations targeting smallholder farmers, such as miniature irrigation kits, low-cost greenhouse sheeting materials, fertiliser packaging, a farmer’s clinic programme, and an annual reward scheme now in its fifth year.

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Source: agriorbit.com

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