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Grain Prices

White Maize
  Last Change Bid Deals First High Low MtM Offer
Jul 192,135-62,1282882,1192,1352,1132,1292,130
Jul 192,065-32,061782,0602,0662,0562,0622,063
Jul 192,178-52,173332,1732,1782,1672,1762,177
Jul 192,001232,02452,001002,0242,026
Jul 192,022-52,017822,0182,0252,0132,0182,018
Jul 192,25252,257232,2532,2532,2522,2572,262
Jul 192,180222,20202,180002,2022,227

Yellow Maize
  Last Change Bid Deals First High Low MtM Offer
Jul 192,213-82,2051362,1952,2132,1952,2062,207
Jul 192,138-72,131822,1242,1382,1242,1322,134
Jul 192,244-22,242192,2352,2482,2352,2442,246
Jul 192,09152,09612,0912,0912,0912,0962,107
Jul 192,081-12,080952,0652,0842,0652,0812,083
Jul 192,305-52,300112,3002,3052,2992,3012,303
Jul 192,280-282,25232,2802,2802,2802,2802,288

  Last Change Bid Deals First High Low MtM Offer
Jul 194,143-24,141464,1344,1454,1304,1454,147
Jul 194,110-34,107164,0884,1104,0884,1104,115
Jul 194,240-244,21604,240004,2404,257
Jul 194,041144,05504,041004,0554,085
Jul 194,058-44,054134,0354,0604,0354,0584,060
Jul 192,598-112,58732,5902,5992,5892,5962,598
Jul 192,405302,43502,405002,4352,451

  Last Change Bid Deals First High Low MtM Offer
Jul 194,69564,7011134,6784,7154,6504,7034,708
Jul 194,560-64,553424,5154,5604,5104,5564,560
Jul 194,715-94,705224,6854,7154,6604,7124,718
Jul 194,464244,48824,464004,4884,510
Jul 194,470-24,468354,4154,4704,4154,4704,475
Jul 194,600-4,600024,6004,6004,6004,6004,633

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