Your Dreams + Our Advice

We are here to provide hard-working farmers, like you, with the seeds and advice you need to ensure a healthy harvest. PANNAR helps you manage the risks that surround you, optimise your yield and plan for prosperity.

Your Risk Management + Our Performance and Stability

Our white hybrid package offers good performance, adaptability and stability. We help you optimise crop production for a thriving farming enterprise.

Your Passion + Our Support

During our 60 years as an African agribusiness, we’ve weathered some tough seasons alongside farmers. Yet, amid all the uncertainties in agriculture, they know they can count
on us for the best internationally-available seed technologies. 

Your Success + Our Winning Combination

Our irrigation wheat cultivars, PAN 3400, PAN 3471 and PAN 3497, offer great success in commercial plantings, with good disease tolerance and grading characteristics. They’re
the perfect choice for the irrigation farmer.

Your Local Needs + Our International Record

PANNAR’s incomparable grain sorghum package, backed by world class research, forms the backbone of grain sorghum production in South Africa. Discover a range of locally developed hybrids that are proudly planted worldwide.

Your Business + Our Renowned Performance

PANNAR sunflower hybrids are renowned for stable performance, providing good risk management. The package includes a complete range of hybrids with the CLEARFIELD® PLUS trait.

Grain Prices

White Maize
  Last Change Bid Deals First High Low MtM Offer
Oct 221,939-31,9363991,9201,9431,9201,9361,938
Oct 222,170-272,14302,170002,1702,202
Oct 222,115-72,10802,115002,1152,137
Oct 221,985-31,982931,9681,9881,9671,9831,985
Oct 221,899171,91631,899001,9161,921
Oct 222,076-32,073702,0622,0802,0612,0752,077
Oct 222,119-7191,40002,119002,1192,300
Oct 222,01212,01322,0102,0122,0102,0132,025
Oct 221,90401,904241,8891,9081,8871,9051,909
Oct 22140-14000140001400

Yellow Maize
  Last Change Bid Deals First High Low MtM Offer
Oct 222,028-32,0251252,0142,0322,0132,0252,028
Oct 222,274-522,22222,2732,2742,2732,2732,273
Oct 222,204-292,17532,2022,2042,2022,2042,238
Oct 222,080-52,075252,0642,0822,0642,0772,080
Oct 221,983121,99541,983001,9952,006
Oct 222,141-12,140362,1352,1482,1352,1402,143
Oct 222,169-7691,40002,169002,1690
Oct 222,09172,09802,091002,0982,123
Oct 221,994-61,988161,9741,9951,9741,9951,995

  Last Change Bid Deals First High Low MtM Offer
Oct 222,146272,17302,146002,1732,182
Oct 222,578-2,578002,578002,5780
Oct 222,270252,29502,270002,2952,306
Oct 222,771-2,771002,771002,7710
Oct 222,363262,38902,363002,3892,402
Oct 224,179-114,1681504,1604,1794,1504,1714,174
Oct 224,15004,15004,150004,1504,414
Oct 224,250-24,24864,2304,2554,2304,2534,259
Oct 224,099234,12204,099004,1220
Oct 224,329-2294,10004,329004,3294,364
Oct 224,264-4,264004,264004,2644,319
Oct 224,20004,20034,2104,2104,2004,2004,240

  Last Change Bid Deals First High Low MtM Offer
Oct 224,585-64,5791684,5804,6054,5804,5854,592
Oct 224,876-114,86504,876004,8764,988
Oct 224,680-194,66164,6704,6804,6604,6804,680
Oct 224,51384,52114,513004,5224,560
Oct 224,81054,81514,8104,8104,8104,8154,843
Oct 224,700-34,697844,7104,7154,6854,7004,713
Oct 224,550-234,52724,5504,5504,5504,5504,550

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